Plant identification shorts 

The autumn crocus

The popular summer plant in a short portrait with the most important identification features.

Grüne geschwungene Linie
Grüne geschwungene Linie

In case of poisoning, immediately inform the poison control center.

Poisonous plant of the year 2010

Toxicity: All parts are highly toxic. Active ingredients: Colchin

Distribution:  The plant grows in marshy meadows.    Growth form:  It reaches a height of up to 35 cm. Leaves: The leaves have a lanceolate shape and are dark green in color.

Blossom: The flowers reach 5 to 25 cm. They are pale pink in color. Flowering time: august - november Fruit:   A seed pod containing up to 200 highly toxic seeds. Endangerment of the plant: Red List status: not endangered