Natural habitats & Distribution areas

Special natural habitats – Part 2

♦   “mound-schlenken-complex”

A “mound-schlenken-complex” is a plant community that gives moors their typical surface form. The raised mounds consist of peat and the colonising sphagnum mosses.

There are specialised plants in these areas:

  • marsh lousewort (Pedicularis palustris ssp. palustris)
  • viper’s grass (Scorzonera humilis)

♦   high moor

A very special habitat for the survival specialists among the plants. This is because the soil is low in nutrients. But even in this habitat, there are a wide variety of plants that can cope with it. Many of the small-looking pines are already very old! Cottongrass, cranberry and bog rosemary are also typical plants of the high moors.

There are also specialised plants in this area:

  • Pine trees
  • cotton grass (Eriophorum)
  • cranberry
  • bog rosemary