Natural habitats & Distribution areas

The natural habitats of germany

The 8 natural habitats are as follows:

  • sea, coasts
  • north-west lowlands
  • north-east lowlands
  • west highlands
  • east highlands
  • south-west highlands
  • prealps
  • alp

Distribution codes

For each of the 8 areas there is a simple distribution code. They can be helpful in determining the occurrence of a plant and protect against misidentifications. In each of my articles, abbreviations for the occurrences can be found at the end of the descriptions.

– Seas and coasts have the abbreviation “K”.

– North-west and north-east lowlands are marked with “F”

– West and east highlands are marked with “M2”

– South-west highlands are marked with “M1”

– Prealps / alpine foothills are marked by “AV”

– The Alps are marked by “A”

Some plants may only occur sporadically in these areas. In this case, the indicators are placed in brackets “( )”. If a plant occurs only in our gardens, a “synth. (synthetic) is added to the distribution codes.

On the next pages I will present some special habitats such as high moors, rivers and reed beds.