Butterflies & Moths

Red admiral

The most important caterpillar food plant of the admiral is the stinging nettle.

~ The admiral is one of the best known migratory butterflies. Every year in the spring, this butterfly flies over the Alps to Germany. In autumn it returns to its winter habitats in the south. ~


Schmetterlinge - Schwalbenschwanz

~ The dovetail was voted “Butterfly of the Year 2006” ~

~ This is a protected species in Germany (by the BArtSchV) ~

Black-veined white

~ Due to the black veins, this butterfly is nearly unmistakable ~

Small tortoiseshell

Common brimstone

The alder buckthorn is considered the most important food plant for the caterpillars of the lemon butterfly. Without this inconspicuous plant, there would be no new butterflies. The butterflies do not prefer any particular flowers, but are often found on thistles and carnations.

~ The comon brimstone was voted “Butterfly of the Year 2002” ~